The Coronavirus situation has significantly changed the way we communicate, interact, and handle different activities. While everyone is trying to adapt to the new normal, memorable life events like weddings are still impactful and must be done right to remain outstanding. Before the pandemic, anyone planning their day had to prepare for the inevitable drama and overflow of details. The emotional drain alone can reach immeasurable levels. The advent of micro weddings has come as a relief to many couples wishing to exchange their vows in a simple yet memorable ceremony. This intimate affair is way friendlier than the typical elopement, and it’s a billion times less demanding than creating plans for a black-tie destination event for 200 guests. With the current pandemic situation, the number one priority should be to keep everyone safe, and micro weddings can be the best alternative. Covid-19 or not, this event is the best idea ever that can spice up the best day of your life.

Stunning bride in white wedding dress by window of Amarla Boutique Hotel
Bride having her hair and makeup done by professional stylist wearing PPE before her Amarla micro wedding in Cartagena Colombia
Wedding dress steamed and hung, awaiting the Cartagena bride


With a Cartagena micro wedding, you’ll essentially plan a smaller version of the typical wedding in Cartagena. There are no specific rules that determine the activities, and most people use different ideas to make their days happy and memorable. However, the primary factor that’ll stand out is that the activity will be of a relatively lower level. It’s everything you wished for in the big blow-out, but you’ll be doing things on a smaller scale. One crucial feature of this type of wedding is to shrink your guest-list to a lower number. For some, this may involve cutting down from 180 to 18, while others may wish to trim the 60-person guest list to include only nine close family members. Also, there isn’t a defined number of guests that make up this kind of wedding. But a head-count of a maximum of 20 people would constitute a micro wedding. At Amarla, we can host up to 14 people in 7 beautiful guest rooms, with the ability to organise other rooms close-by. From there, the flowers, food, dressing, and music is all up to you.


Here are some reasons why you should consider weddings of this nature:

  • Covid-19 safety – You don’t want your big day to be a super-spreader, and you can’t wait until who knows when to exchange vows with your loved one in Cartagena. You can follow the steps taken by different couples to sidestep their traditional plans for micro-weddings to ensure guests maintain a safe social distance at the wedding venue.
  • Freedom to invite only those who cooperate – You want all the important people to attend your big event, but you can’t allow that colleague who never follows the safety guidelines to spoil your day. Thankfully, creating a micro-wedding can nip such issues in the bud, considering the inherently tiny nature of affairs.
  • Less overall stress – Who wants to go through the social, logistical, and financial anxiety of creating a massive fete? Adopting the micro-version of your entire plan means you’ll cut on the pressure from every angle. Thanks to this approach, you are assured of reduced stress as opposed to the anxiety of planning a large, expensive wedding.
  • An edited guest list – With a micro wedding, there’s no need to argue or agonize whether all your cousins should be invited or the fallback of adopting a no-kids policy for the event. You only need to welcome those who really matter, regardless of who they are, and that’s it. If you trim the list by up to 90 percent, almost everyone will understand if they fail to be invited.
  • Achievable décor – Are you longing for the limited edition design on Etsy? Go ahead and acquire a set or three. Dreaming of working with the expert florist you met on Facebook to make the arrangements? Go ahead. When you’re decorating a table or two, or a small venue, a micro wedding ensures you have no pressure – particularly on your wallet.
  • You’ll still achieve your dream wedding – Dreamy flowers, the photo booth, the music playlist, and the incredible cake that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a teenager – none of these should miss just because you’ve chosen a wedding of a smaller scale. While there may be limitations on space and the number of guests, the sky is still the limit in terms of your wedding fantasies.
Bride photographed from above, in her room at the Amarla Hotel in Cartagena Colombia


If you are planning a micro wedding in Cartagena, you should expect a special event without the typical elements that constitute conventional weddings. Here, wedding celebrations are beautiful, wild, and nothing you’ve ever seen. Here are some things to expect from a wedding in Cartagena:


Fairy Godmother and Marlon Brando aren’t on the invited list. But in a Colombian wedding, nothing like the Maid of Honor or Best Man exists. Instead, we have the godmother and godfather. What’s their job? The godmother’s responsibility is to provide marriage guidance to the bride, while the godfather is always on call at any time of the day to do the same to the groom.


If you’re planning a Colombian micro wedding, then the look and feel must be Colombian. Male guests are required to be clad in white, cotton-made Guayabera suits. In places like Monte Carlo, this type of outfit is only used by the affluent. Dressing in this excellent design will leave the attending men feeling like kings.


A Cartagena micro wedding must also involve a practice known as the Las Arras or bride price. Here, the priest hands 13 coins to the groom, who then hands this over to the bride. While this may give the impression that he’s paying for his soulmate, the rite isn’t as medieval. Instead, it symbolizes trust and is proof that the groom can provide to the family.


The ceremony’s conclusion marks the beginning of the hyped fiesta, and all attendees, Colombian or not, take to the dance floor like they’re home. All the guests will enjoy unlimited whiskey at this stage, and most foreigners end up entertained by the dancers that never hesitate to demonstrate their prowess.


The next day after the micro wedding is usually dedicated to the Asado. The main event may be over, but the festivities are still on. During this event, guests will gather and reflect on the previous day, realizing that the best way to wish the new couple a “happily ever after” is to do the celebrations over again.

A slice of wedding cake, with micro bride and groom wedding cake topper mode


It’s not an easy job to plan a memorable Cartagena micro wedding. The process is meticulous, and you need to curate every bit of detail with the most precision. You’ll need a local planner and venue to ensure you have the best Colombian wedding experience.

Fortunately, you can count on Amarla Cartagena to ensure an unforgettable, fairytale micro wedding. Contact us today so we can begin discussing your event.

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