Fringing the Caribbean Sea, the city of Cartagena enjoys some of the most stunning sunsets. Each day as the sun begins to set on the horizon, the sky changes into a spectacular myriad of colour and the entire bay turns harlequin with its reflection. Watching the sun set into the horizon is a must do in Cartagena. The panoramas of the orange sky are so beautiful, it is not uncommon to see large crowds gather to watch the stunning show begin. Here’s a list to help you prepare beforehand and get unhindered vistas of awe-inspiring Caribbean sunsets in Cartagena.

View of sunset from old town Cartagena looking at new city of Cartagena Colombia


This is the most accessible vantage point for those staying in the hotel, to watch the glorious sunset in Cartagena. From this unique vantage point, you can witness the vibrant city and its historical heritage, set, which will be set alight by the orange sky as the sun starts its descent. If you watch closely, you will see the city cast in an array of pale pink and orange hues. The panorama is so magical, it almost seems as if time itself has stopped for a moment or two. It’s one of the most romantic spots to watch the sunset.


If Cartagena is the queen of sunsets, then Café del Mar Cartagena is the king of all sunset spots. For many, a trip to Cartagena seems incomplete without paying a visit to the iconic Café del Mar to witness the sunset and soak up the atmosphere. Set atop the western part of the old city’s emblematic wall, Café del Mar has an expansive outdoor area and affords sweeping views of the sea, the horizon and the evening sky. Set to the backdrop of chilled electronic beats, this is a place where many come to watch the sun melt into the sea, over a Piña Colada or Limonada de Cocos.


This exclusive open-air bar that offers the most breathtaking views of the entire city of Cartagena. Located on the 51st floor of the Hotel Estelar, this modern, contemporary bar is the highest point in Cartagena. The glass wall that surrounds the bar is ideally placed to protect you against the wind without obstructing the breath-taking 360° panoramic view of the bay and the city beyond. From this unique vantage point you can watch the boats sailing in and out of the bay, then slowly as the sky begins to change, you will see the colours reflected across the water. Cocktail in hand this is unquestionably one of the best rooftop bars to celebrate the spectacular Cartagena sunset.


One of the most historic settings to watch the sunset in Cartagena is on top of the wall that surrounds the old city. For the best experience arrive early and pick your perfect spot. Then wait, picnic on hand, for nature to begin its spectacle. Baluarte de San Ignacio offers captivating views that stretch beyond the Cathedral and Caribbean Sea toward the backdrop of Bocagrande’s high-rise skyline. This is one of the oldest and most iconic places to witness the captivating sunset in Cartagena. The iconic wall is also the perfect site to soak in an authentic Cartagena atmosphere and mingle with the locals.

Taking a photo of the sea and Cartagena sunset at dusk
Two people sitting on the old city outer wall looking over the sea at the Cartagena sunset
Bridge over the road at sunset near the old walled city of Cartagena in Colombia


The palm-lined promenades, powdery beaches and eclectic dining scene are what draws many people to the Bocagrande strip. It is here along this Miami-like coast, that the privileged elite come to watch the sunset in Cartagena. Lined with several skyscrapers, the strip offers wonderful vantage points from which to watch the sun’s final dance into the bay. Watch as the light spills across the horizon and the sky becomes a vivid display of tangerine, red, and violet.


Located in an upmarket residential area, Playa de Castillo Grande offers a quiet refuge from the bustling city. This long stretch of beach offers panoramic views and is another ideal spot to watch the sun dip below the horizon. You can also choose to stroll to the tip of the beach where the naval club is located. From here you can sit on the terrace and watch as the sky changes to a brilliant orange.


Get a different perspective, as you set sail on board your private boat charter to watch the sunset from the water. Your captain will take care of all navigational requirements, while you sit back with a glass of rosé and take in the spectacular view. Watch as the setting sun casts its extraordinary hews across the historical district of Cartagena. On board you will quickly discover why this is the ultimate place for sunset watching in Cartagena.

Fisherman on his longtail boat watching the Cartagena sunset over the old town


Located about an hour by speed boat from the Cartagena marina in the old city, the Rosario Islands are a popular day trip destination. Surrounded by turquoise waters and white sand, these idyllic Caribbean islands offer some of the most spectacular panoramas. The open skies and far-reaching seascape, allow you to enjoy unobstructed views of the sunset from any westward-facing beach, or from the bow of your private charter boat, as you head back to Cartagena.


A short journey from Cartagena, La Boquilla Beach sees less tourists than beaches closer to the city. Dotting the entire beach are several restaurants and small cafés, where you can enjoy an ice cold beer or glass of wine and let nature enchant you, with the gold and amber hues illuminating the vast sky.

Man looking out over the sea with downtown Cartagena city lights behind


Hike to the castle of San Felipe and you will be rewarded with extensive sweeping views of the entire city. From here, you can watch the sunset with the city skyline, the bay and sea as the backdrop. As the sun begins to set, the entire scenery is turned from golden dusk, to scarlet hues.

‘Post sunset, the city skyline lights up, paving the way for another unmissable experience – the vibrant nightlife of Cartagena. Venture out to discover all that Cartagena has to offer at night. When you stay at the Amarla Boutique Hotel we can take care of your sunset dreams, from arranging transfers to private boat trips or island excursions and beyond. We aim to make your days, nights and sunsets unforgettable.’

 – Amarla Boutique Hotel

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