Try Cigar Rolling with Amarla

The experience begins, as it should, by sampling a cigar from our selection of the finest Colombian and Cuban varieties while your expert tutor enlightens you with a glimpse into the mystifying world of cigar shapes, styles and flavors. You will also learn about how the world’s obsession with tobacco began with the introduction of Cuban black tobacco by Christopher Columbus. To aid your education, you will try some of our country’s finest rums, expertly paired with your tobacco choices. Ultimately, of course, you will create your own freshly made cigar – the perfect souvenir of your experience.


Unlock the fascinating history and secrets of tobacco in this connoisseurial experience. You will learn about the cultivation and fermentation of the leaves. You will hear about the making of cigars, past and present. You will be taught how to pick the right binder, filler, and wrapper leaves to create the perfect mix of aromas, flavors and combustibility until you too are a true Colombian ‘Torcedor’.


A choice of a cigar from seven varieties
A choice of two rums from our selection of premium Colombian brands
Make your own cigar, guided by a local tobacco expert and cigar maker