Rum Tasting

Our wonderful, informal rum tasting session is run by the rum aficionados from El Barón café & liquor bar in Cartagena who have a passion for cocktails and spirits. The session kicks off with a compelling talk about the drink’s history and how it’s made. Then, once your head is full of fascinating facts, you’ll get to make and taste your own rum using a mini pot still. And, finally, it’s time to see what the experts can do as you enjoy a comprehensive rum flight.


Did you know the base ingredient for rum is sugarcane? Learning the story behind this plant is the foundation of your rum knowledge. You’ll learn how it completely changed the New World, its links to the transatlantic slave trade, and the refinement process. And during the tasting, you’ll be given a fresh piece of sugarcane and its fermented juice to sample.


A talk on the history and making of rum
Make your own rum using a mini pot still
Rum flight tasting session

TOTAL DURATION: Several hours
(How long it lasts is up to you)

This fun and informative experience is ideal for groups.