Amarla Secret Beach Discovery Tour

This experience offers you a chance to feast your eyes on the best of our beautiful and diverse land. And it is an experience which we can tailor to your preferences; a car trip is a perfectly pleasant way to make the journey, while some guests prefer the thrill of a helicopter ride. Your adventure begins with a tour of the Tayrona National Park, one of our country’s most beautiful nature reserves. Here, you will enjoy an alfresco meal among the floras and fauna, before you are taken off the beaten track to discover a secret beach that only locals know.


The beach is truly hidden to inexperienced eyes. Your guide will lead you through a concealed opening in the foliage and take you downhill through the trees along a path dappled by light streaming through the canopies above. Finally, you will walk out into the sunshine and be rewarded by the welcoming embrace of the most stunning bay of golden sands and glistening waters. Here, you can relax in bliss and absolute privacy.