Picture your wedding in Colombia. The Caribbean Sea is one massive, beautiful region filled with dream wedding destinations offering unique cuisine, character, and a breathtaking coastline to spare. But it’s not only the islands which offer the fun package to newlyweds who seek to enjoy exciting wedding vacations. Cartagena, Colombia has grown to rightfully earn the reputation as the ideal destination for loving couples who wish to achieve a memorable big day. A wedding within Cartagena’s beautiful old city, complete with hours-long dance parties and a parade through the historic location, will make your day unforgettable. Only five hours by flight from New York, the region is home to some of the most romantic hotels in Cartagena, offering all the makings of a dreamy Caribbean wedding destination.


The city is not just historic; it’s the country’s fifth-largest city, with a population of over a million residents. Home to the happiest people on the planet, the region has grown in popularity as one of the world’s best wedding destinations for many reasons. The city has technicolor tendencies and represents a vibrant rainbow of historic, gorgeous architecture with vivid hues. The Spanish-inflected designs and vibrancy are synonymous with the location’s proximity to the equator, and the vast colors represent a combination of diverse cultures. You’ll enjoy endless plates of ceviche, salsa dancing, and beautiful beaches. Cuddle like teenagers in love within the historic walls at dusk, whisk your beloved off to a deserted island for a romantic wedding-eve dinner, then sail around the bay before finally settling at the most romantic hotel in Cartagena. So, how do you ensure your dream wedding comes to life in this beautiful part of the world?


Since this is a foreign destination, you must have a glimpse of what the region offers to enjoy the best destination wedding experience. Cartagena is diverse — from the food, culture, and landscape — so there’s no one way to have the best wedding. Read these guidelines, and you and your partner are sure to have a memorable wedding in Colombia.


The location takes a five-hour flight if you’re coming from New York City or 2.5 hours if you’re coming from Miami. Once you arrive, it’ll take you just 10 minutes to drive from the airport to the city’s central business district. Alternatively, you can rent an Uber or use any of the available taxi apps. Once you reach the city center, you can catch a cab, rent a bike, or move to any of the surrounding areas with a ferry. It’s pretty much a walking distance to any destination around the town. Now that’s ideal.


Newlyweds kissing each other while surrounded by their wedding guests at a Cartagena beach wedding in Colombia


Colombia is pretty warm, so no matter when you wish to hold your big day or honeymoon, expect minimum temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, remember that it’s pretty humid here. So if you wish to enjoy your wedding in Cartagena during the warm and dry season, then the right season for your big day would be between December and April. The rainy season falls between May and November.


If you wish to spice up your big day with some romance, Cartagena’s beautiful old city will do the job for you. For decades, Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote verses about the city’s seductive charms. Who would dispute the country’s Nobel Laureate on the city’s romantic glory? You can hold hands within the walled city as you watch the sunset and encounter beautiful flowers cascading down to the streets below. You’ll also get to swim in the Caribbean Sea’s turquoise waters or view the bioluminescent plankton lighting up when the moon is shining. All these are sure to give you and your loved one a memorable, romantic wedding experience in Cartagena.


Cartagena’s old city offers a glorious variety of culinary experiences, from scintillating street food to gourmet restaurants. Suppose you, your lover, or adventurous friends enjoy bizarre recipes. In that case, you can visit the market in the city for delicacies like armadillo, crocodile, jungle rat, or local wild fruits. A visit to the witch doctor will fix all your ailments, available at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Palenque. This is the first town created by escaped slaves.


Once you’re in the city, there’s no limit to the fun things you can do. Of course, you’ll begin with a familiarization tour of the town, and you can explore it on your own by walking or using a bike. You can also rent a boat with your lover or friends to snorkel along beautiful beaches and island-hop. If you just want to have some fun in the sun, relax a little bit, or explore the romantic town, Cartagena is the perfect destination for endless adventure.

Honeymooning couple in Cartagena buying fruits from a vendor, after their Colombian wedding


The residents celebrate their independence day in November. This is usually a week filled with carnivalesque festivities coinciding with Miss Colombia, the annual beauty pageant. This anachronistic battle of the beauties draws vast costumed crowds for a string of celebrations. The highlight is the riotous, nautical-themed parade called the Balleneras. The party is focused on health and safety, and fans rent out every boat and yacht to get a glimpse of the models doing their thing.


This historic city offers a wide array of places of interest that you can visit. These include:

  • Palacio De La Inquisición — This glorious palace houses a morbid collection of mockup tools of torture as well as a small exhibit of the region’s history. The impressive salons within the court are often used for fine art exhibitions.
  • El Castillo De San Felipe — This stands out as the most robust fort to be built by the Spanish for defending their stronghold. It took 200 years to complete it, and you’ll explore complex tunnel mazes and learn about the city’s military history.
  • Museo Del Oro — This charming colonial residence gives insight into Caribbean culture in the pre-Colombian era. The Zenu gold museum was rescued by Colombia’s central bank and is located along Plaza Bolivar.

These are just a few examples of places of interest that you can visit.


Planning a memorable wedding is a meticulous procedure that involves curating every detail with the highest precision. As you will say “I do” in a foreign destination, you may need a knowledgeable planner to find the best wedding hotel in Cartagena. Our experienced in-house organizers have all it takes to ensure your fairytale wedding remains unforgettable, and you’ll enjoy the services of the best boutique hotel in Cartagena.

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