Discover why Amarla is one of the

Best Places to Stay in Cartagena

Discover why Amarla Boutique Hotel is often described as one of the best places to stay in Cartagena. It’s much more than a stunning historic building in a fabulous location. Our guests say they keep coming back because of our passionate attention to detail. That covers everything from service to décor. Just experience one of our rooms. Each of the seven luxurious bedrooms is individually styled to represent the colors, character and plumage of one of Colombia’s birds. Every room is unique, beautiful and memorable. The subtle and tasteful décor of each creates an oasis of calm. The feeling is accented by handmade local artisan pieces. Each element is individually chosen and lovingly designed to inspire you. It’s all unique and chosen to create an aura of peace and tranquility throughout your stay with us.

Our tasteful combination of décor and interior design is inspired by Colombia’s fame as, “The Land of the Birds”. The country is home to 20% of the world’s known species. Our rooms represent seven of the most emblematic: There’s the Hummingbird Room, bright and cheerful, like the spirit of Colombia. The Toucan Room, which takes style hints from the bird that manages to be simultaneously beautiful, ungainly and unforgettable. The Quetzal Room with its subtle allusion to the dazzling bird that was sacred to the ancient Mayas and Aztecs. The Maria Mulata room is a tribute to the bird so loved in Cartagena that it even has its own city monument created by sculptor Enrique Grau. The Heron Room is named after the bird whose courtship moves could find a place on any dance floor in Colombia. The Parakeet Room has subtle inflections of Colombia’s bright, vivacious and sociable feathered friend. And the Macaw Room gently reflects the vibrant colors of our favorite glamorous parrot.

Your room is your private sanctuary of peace. It is place to call your own while you are staying with us. We will supply you with a selection of aromatic teas, gourmet snacks and confectionery to enjoy while you relax in there. Our turn-down service includes pillow scents and a menu for pillows and feather mattress toppers. If you desire it, modern technology is available – discreetly placed or provided on request, it will never unsettle your experience of authentic simplicity. And should you need us, room service and your concierge are on hand, day and night. Nothing is too much trouble when you stay at Amarla Boutique Hotel. We pride ourselves on service and attention to detail.

For special occasions, such as a Cartagena Wedding, we offer full house bookings as well as in-room services, including rituals and massages.

Stunning Hummingbird suite at Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena with art above bed

19m² en-suite room with a luxury queen size bed