One of the finest

Hotels in Cartagena Walled City

This is the story of how Amarla Boutique Hotel came to be one of the finest hotels in Cartagena walled city. It started years ago, on a visit to Cartagena. The enchanting mix of Caribbean history, traditional Spanish architecture and vibrant colours found within the Cartagena walled city were captivating. The quaint streets and bustling neighbourhoods felt like home. The converted merchant houses and family villas of old, told stories of a past that intrigued and lingered in our minds. And so our search began.

From the moment we stepped through the doors of this beautiful colonial house, we knew we had found AMARLA. It was like walking into a bygone era. It was constructed in an era when Spanish merchants built large stately properties in faraway colonial lands. The building tells a story of centuries of change, turmoil and triumph. The craftsmanship that has gone into its making is no longer seen. We named it ‘AMARLA’, the Spanish word meaning ‘to love’. It summed up our feelings and expresses our desire to become one of the best hotels in Cartagena walled city. A home from home for travellers from around the world.

From the moment you step though the doors you will be welcomed into our beautiful colonial home. Our service is warm and personable. Throughout your stay your host will be on hand to make sure you have everything you need. We look forward to welcoming you and hearing your story soon.

‘It was such a wonderful hotel. We added an extra night because we did not want to leave. The hotel is so beautiful and perfectly decorated. Although the decor is stunning the staff is what made it feel so special.’

CaptureSF, London, United Kingdom

‘The hotel is absolutely beautiful and authentic. Nothing commercial about it – it’s stunning inside and out. The staff was amazing. They made us feel so comfortable and could not have been more hospitable. I cannot recommend this place enough!’

margc20182018 San Francisco, California
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The People Behind Amarla Boutique Hotel in Cartagena

You are in the capable, caring hands of a small group of devoted individuals who work in Amarla Boutique Hotel in Cartagena. Each staff member has a unique passion for Amarla playing a vital role in making our home yours.

Ruby is from Cali, the land of salsa and joy. She’s a singer, a music lover and a new horizon seeker. Her natural warmth always feels like she is giving you a hug.
Care, openness, good humor, and sensitivity are the marks of María from Barranquillera. She loves to travel, to paint, and to welcome guests into our house.
You can taste the passion in every mouthful of Estela’s food. She is from Cartagena and brings the city’s best flavors to the table with simple delicious details.
ARMANDO MORALESSecurity & service
A great dancer who is always in a good mood, Armando is as hardworking as he is charming. He comes from Venezuela where devotion is everything. You’ll feel it.
ROCÍO RÍOSHousekeeping
Our Cartagena born perfectionist, she gives everything her all and is always in good spirits. When she isn’t making Amarla a better place, she’s making music.

One of the finest

Hotels in Cartagena Old City

Amarla boutique hotel is one of the finest hotels in Cartagena Old City. Often referred to as the walled city, Cartagena Old City is a vibrant, magical place, where rich architectural history, great shopping and lively outdoor cafes collide in perfect synergy. The world class restaurants, authentic street stands and vibrant nightlife make this city one of the most popular places to visit whilst traveling in Columbia.

As you wonder the cobbled stone streets, you will notice the flower filled balconies that jut out of the colourful old merchant homes. Known as “case altas” or two-story houses, these historic homes line the narrow streets creating the most vibrant and seductive backdrop. The ancient defensive walls of up to 20 m thick and 11km long, surrounded the entire city and give this UNESCO heritage site its name. Built to protect the city from pirates, the once dreaded dungeons have since been transformed into a row of artisan shops and a colourful craft market.

With its beautiful buildings, elegant colonial architecture, rich history and lovely people, the walled city is an idyllic place to wonder about and get lost in. The Walled City is the home to the prestigious University of Cartagena and several other schools and government offices. During the day, the bustling streets are filled with with locals students and workers and  venders selling anything from fruit to artisan crafts. At night, the streets come alive as the bars and restaurants fill up and the street performers take to the streets, serenading you as you as you dine on the breezy plazas. Horse drawn carriages are also a typical sight on the streets of the old city of Cartagena, evoking colonial nostalgia of a bygone era.