Things to do in Cartagena

If you are looking for things to do in Cartagena, we will ignite your passion for flavour. We will inspire you to express your inner South American spirit. We will help you restore your energies and reconnect with your inner self. We have collated a set of experiences to make your stay with us memorable.


You will take a private speedboat to Isla Rosario where you will explore the Enchanted Lagoon and its mystical mangrove tunnels by kayak. The lagoon is so named so because at night it is lit up by bioluminescent plankton – dip your hand in the water, and it will magically flash blue and green. As well as a picnic on the beach, there will be time to go snorkeling in our crystal clear Caribbean waters.


In this trip to the beautiful Tayrona National Park, you will hike to one of the most pristine beaches in Colombia, learning about our native wildlife on the way. There will also be plenty of time to relax on the golden sands, and an alfresco picnic is all part of the adventure.

In-House Activities


What to do in Cartagena

If you want to know what to do in Cartagena, experience Colombian culture first hand with our hand-picked collection of guest experiences and activities, designed to ignite your passion for South American and take you off the beaten track.

Dancers in colourful Colombian costume dancing champeta, great things to do in Cartagena at the Amarla Boutique Hotel


Let yourself go and master the moves of our country’s biggest modern music and dance craze born in northern Colombian cities like Cartagena.

Couple learning salsa from expert teachers on the rooftop of Amarla Hotel, one of many things to do in Cartagena


Grab your partner, feel the rhythm and learn the steps of this exciting dance style that’s popular just about everywhere in Colombia.

Woman doing yoga on Roof of Amarla hotel In Cartagena, with church steeple behind her


Take yoga a step further and let the chiming bowls enhance your experience by responding to the sound of universal creation and inner consciousness.

Experience the gong master on the rooftop of the Amarla Boutique Hotel, one of many things to do in Cartagena


Recalibrate your energies with a transcendental meditation gong bath, aka a sound bath or a sound massage. Relax and bathe, fully clothed,  in healing sound waves.

After seeing all the things to do in Cartagena, an in room massage is the perfect way to end your day.


Our highly trained Colombian masseurs will soothe away aches and tension with a menu of relaxing therapies, including hot stone therapy or a lymphatic drainage massage.

Looking for some different things to do in Cartagena? Try distilling your own rum experience at the Amarla Boutique Hotel


Savor delectable local rums, hear about the drink’s fascinating history, and learn the art of partnering your rum with cacao.

Man smoking a cigar after participating in our cigar rolling and rum tasting experiences in Colombia at Amarla Boutique Hotel


Guided by a local tobacco expert and Torcedor (cigar maker), you will roll your own cigar and become a connoisseur of the complex aromas and flavors of tobacco.

One of the authentic things to do in Cartagena is to try your hand at coffee grinding and tasting the true coffee of Colombia


Colombia is renowned for producing some of the best coffee in the world. We invite you to hone your palate to the subtleties of our artisan coffees.

Night time dining and meeting new friends on the rooftop of Amarla is such a social thing to do in Cartagena


Enjoy a night to remember as you dine alfresco on our rooftop, illuminated only by candles, moon and stars. Our chef, will prepare your meal and reveal the stories behind the ingredients and dishes.

If you are looking for things to do in Cartagena, why not try our in-house cooking classes


Under the eye of our world-class chef, you will learn about our food philosophy and cooking style inspired by traditional Colombian methods.

Exotic local fruit tasting in Amarla is a great way to experience local cuisine and is a top thing to do while in Colombia


Fruit and cacao, when matched perfectly, are a delicious combination. This expert tasting session will wake your taste buds to divine flavors.

Meet local people and find so many things to do when you explore the old city of Colombia on our historic tours.


Explore our beloved Cartagena with your expert guide. Delve into the city’s rich cultural heritage, meet its welcoming inhabitants and witness its breathtaking sunsets.

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‘We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.’

Parakeet bird illustration in orange-pink
A moment of contemplation next to the pool on the roof of the Amarla Boutique Hotel in Cartagena

Boutique Hotel in Cartagena

Discover more of Amarla, our boutique hotel in Cartagena, Colombia.

Taking a photo of the sea and Cartagena sunset at dusk

Sunset in Cartagena

Our guide to the best times and places to watch the sunset in Cartagena.

Walking the streets of the old town is one of the best things to do in Cartagena.

Hotel in Cartagena walled city

What to do in and around our hotel in Cartagena’s walled city.

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