Try the Fruits of Colombia

Have you ever tried a Mamoncillo, Lulo and Cherimoya? No? Then this eye-opening and flavor-discovering tasting session is your chance to make the acquaintance of Colombia’s incredible wealth of delicious exotic fruits. In this expert tasting session, you will sample more than 15 different varieties of Colombian fruits, including Tomate de Arbol, Uchuva, Mamoncillo, Lulo and Cherimoya.


Not only will you taste the fruits of colombia, you will also learn about their health benefits as well as their fascinating cultural uses. Discover that fruit and cacao, when matched perfectly, are a delicious combination. By pairing the fruit you try with locally produced cacao of different purities, your taste buds will be awakened to some truly divine flavors.


There are two ways to enjoy this enlightening experience. Many guests are excited to explore the fruits on a visit to Paloquemao, the largest fruit market in Cartagena There, you’ll be immersed in a vibrant sea of colors and flavors. And you’ll be introduced to the Colombian families who have run these stalls for many years and who love showing off their wonderful produce.

Alternatively, a more relaxing experience can be arranged in the peaceful and private environment of our rooftop.