Amarla Meditation & Gong Bath

A gong bath is a personal healing and meditative space. On a physical level, the sensation is that of constant energy flow. The emotional experience ranges from sublime peace to fear, crossing the full spectrum of joy and frustration. But mostly, people enter into a deep sleep state. Depending on the individual, visual, auditive, tactile, and olfactory enhancements can be felt. And also, more profound states of meditation that could lead to more astral experiences.


You will experience the healing powers of the gong bath, a form of deep massage that uses sound to produce a state of relaxation and delicious meditation. You bathe (fully clothed) and let its waves resonate and envelop your body. The process balances your nervous system, promotes a better functioning endocrine system, activates your meridians, and reduces tension. And all this helps to reorganize accumulated emotional energy.

DURATION: 1 hour


If you want to re-establish you physical, emotional, energetic and mental harmony, this session with Carlos using Sat Nam Rasayan and Reconnective Healing is for you. Sat Nam Rasayan clears conscious blockages and Reconnective Healing moves energy and restructures DNA. Most people experience real relaxation, while also getting in touch with a deep and authentic part of themselves.

DURATION: 1 hour