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Objective: To ensure strict compliance with the new operating protocols in terms of sanitation and hygiene to ensure the safety of our guests and team. Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena presents a summary of its general hygiene protocols. There are detailed protocols for each area with specific actions not mentioned in this document due to their breadth.


Hotel entrance protocols for guests, collaborators and suppliers include:

  • Practice of the norms of social distancing, hand washing protocols and internal norms before admission.
  • Mandatory spacing of 2 meters between each person.
  • Application of antibacterial gel.
  • Temperature taking (maximum of 37.5 degrees, a higher temperature record implies additional protocols).
  • Personal protective equipment will be provided (mask and gloves when necessary).
  • Sanitation of footwear.
  • Sanitization of bags, suitcases and travel accessories.


  • The porters will share hygiene and safety protocols with customers upon arrival.
  • The use of face masks and gloves at all times is mandatory.
  • They will maintain a distance of 2 meters with guests.
  • Luggage items will be disinfected before taking it to the rooms.
  • They will take customers’ temperatures (record higher than 37.5 degrees will imply other protocols)
  • At the hotel entrance there is an antibacterial gel application point, gel must be applied before entering the lobby.
  • A PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit will be delivered to the guest upon arrival (mask and gloves).
  • Packages or documents will be disinfected before delivery and physical distancing protocols will be applied.
  • The reception, public areas and restaurant will be marked with instructions of physical distancing.
  • The front desk will be disinfected at least once an hour.
  • The receptionists will record the temperature of each guest upon check in.
  • The keys will be previously sanitized.
  • Digital invoices will be provided to avoid biological exposure of the stationery.
  • E-mail or telephone will be used for all transactions.
  • We will offer the electronic service to print and complete any documentation instead of going to reception or concierge.
  • The distance of two meters between the receptionist and the client will be marked with a sign on the floor
  • 24-hour medical service through external provider is in place.
  • The assembly of furniture in the area respects the minimum physical distance of 2 meters.
  • The furniture will be sanitized after each use.
  • Treatment and measurement of water 3 times a day.
  • For greater hygiene, we have removed from the rooms: notebooks, pencils, laundry bags, laundry list, magazines and bathroom amenities (nail file, sewing kit, etc.) will be available on request directly at reception.
  • Newspapers and magazines will be removed from the rooms.
  • The traffic of employees on the floors of rooms will be at a minimum.
  • The maximum cleaning of the areas of greatest contact of a guest will be ensured: remote control, switches, door, and public bathrooms.
  • The linen change will be daily.
  • Guest laundry and valet services are available via contactless pickup and drop-off protocols.
  • Once the room is sanitized by the housekeeper, a security seal will be installed on the door that will allow the client to certify that their entry is safe.
  • The frequency of air filter replacement and cleaning of the HVAC system has been increased to ensure greater air purity.
  • During a client’s request to fix any damaged system, our maintenance team will apply all hygiene and physical distancing protocols to avoid any contamination.


  • The restaurant will be divided into two sections; the entrance to the patio in front of the fountain and the interior terrace area (capacity 6 seats).
  • The restaurant and bar will reduce seating capacity by 50% to allow a minimum of two meters between guests and groups of guests.
  • Salt / Pepper / sugar in single-use paper bags.
  • The waiter must maintain a distance of two meters from the customer at all times.
  • No buffet – Use the a la carte breakfast / lunch / dinner service.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces after each use.
  • Menus are single use and / or virtual.
  • The room service menu will be available digitally to avoid exposure.
  • The guest will be notified when the order is in front of the room door. (The lids of the plates will always remain covering the food).
  • The staff member will not enter the room and will keep two meters away from the door.
  • Guests will bring the room service cart to their room.
  • The client will be informed that at the end of the service, they must notify the reception and place their tray in the corridor outside their room.
  • Salt / pepper / sugar in single-use bags.
  • Leave the table outside to pick it up.
  • Use of large paper napkins.
  • Service hours will be limited.


  • All buffet and self-service events will be suspended until further notice.
  • All food and drink items must be served individually.
  • Coffee and other items in “coffee-breaks” will be attended and served by a server.
  • Cutlery to be provided as “roll-up” on paper napkins.
  • Condiments to be served individually or individual containers sanitized.
  • The capacities of seating and the floor plans will be reviewed event by event to guarantee an appropriate physical distance that follows the established guidelines of two meters between each person.
  • Individual bottled water will be provided in lieu of water jugs at meeting tables and water stations.