Weddings in Cartagena


Wedding in Cartagena

If you are planning a wedding in Cartagena Colombia, the Amarla Boutique Hotel is ready to make your dreams come true. We believe that each wedding should be as unique as the bride and groom. We take pride in tailoring our services to your individual requirements.

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Situated in Cartagena’s historic old town, a short walk from the Caribbean Sea, the Amarla is one of the premier venues for weddings in Cartagena Colombia. The exclusive boutique hotel reflects the mixture of historic charm and luxury that comes with unmatched personal attention for guests and special touches. This makes it the perfect location for a wedding, whether you live in Cartagena, Colombia, or are planning a wedding from Europe or the United States. Our team will help bring your wedding dreams to life.


Our Cartagena wedding packages are based on up to 30 guests, but Amarla Boutique Hotel can accommodate weddings up to 65 guests. Additionally, we can accommodate your request for small weddings and alternate wedding ceremonies, including a traditional Colombian wedding or a spiritual one — the choice is yours. You, your partner and your guests will enjoy the following benefits when you book one of Amarla’s all-inclusive Cartagena wedding packages:

  • Personal Wedding Planner
  • Exclusive use of Amarla hotel
  • Support and planning for wedding ceremonies: Religious, symbolic or civil ceremonies available (does not include any additional fees)
  • Assistance with required documents and paperwork
  • Wedding reception and meal for up to 40 guests, and up to 65 guests for the cocktail party
  • Cocktails, canapés and welcome drinks
  • Three course menu (Starter, main, and dessert) per person
  • Late night buffet
  • 10 bottles of wine or sparkling wine
  • Full bar facilities with the bar and waiting staff
  • Amarla in-House DJ


If you are looking for a spectacular Cartagena wedding venue, look no further. The word Amarla means love. Where better to celebrate your wedding than in the aptly named Amarla Boutique Hotel. Nestled in the old city of Cartagena. Surrounded by your friends and family. We can help you to bring the magic of Amarla alive. Both you and your guests will fall in love with this extraordinary setting, which provides an idyllic backdrop to your wedding day. The kind of day that creates a lasting memory that will remain with you for a lifetime.


When you book a wedding package at Amarla, you get the special attention of a dedicated personal Cartagena wedding planner to assist you in planning and help oversee your wedding day. Our team is committed to making your wedding dreams come true. Let us know what your perfect wedding day looks like, so your personal wedding planner can begin to coordinate all the crucial details and create your dream wedding.

Beautiful bride on rooftop of Amarla hotel at her wedding in Cartagena
Bride having final touches to her hair at one of Amarla Hotel's weddings in Cartagena


We have connections in the walled city to help you secure transportation for you and your guests to and from the hotel. We can arrange the best wedding planners in Cartagena as well as professional photographers and videographers. We also want to assist you in looking your best. Whether you’re a local or visiting from Europe or the United States, we can connect you with jewellers, hair and make-up professionals and help you find the perfect gown and tailor to make sure everything fits just right. MORE

Cartagena Wedding

Getting married in Cartagena comes with a distinctive atmosphere that provides picturesque landscapes and architecture as a backdrop for your Cartagena wedding day, and love is in the air at Amarla. The historic port city is renowned for its Spanish colonial architecture and vibrant culture, and you’ll find Amarla in the centre of the Walled City.


The Amarla amplifies historic Cartagena’s charm with its appealing, restored interior, stunning rooftop views, and large open courtyard, making it one of the most perfect wedding venues in Cartagena Colombia. A wedding ceremony at Amarla affords one all the comfort and luxury of a large hotel with its welcoming spaces, combined with the exclusivity of a luxurious private villa. Our intimate surroundings allow the bride and groom to maintain their privacy and the privacy of their guests while hosting the glamorous wedding of their dreams.

You and your guests can walk among the fragrant and decorative flowers, adding to the venue’s welcoming atmosphere. Your personal wedding co-ordinator can help you unleash your creativity and create a space perfect for your nuptials and the following celebration. Amarla’s charming atmosphere provides the backdrop for a wide range of ceremonies. Whether you choose a civil or religious ceremony, you and your partner can say “I do” in the way you have dreamed. Regardless of the type of ceremony you choose, you have exclusive use of Amarla hotel, and our full staff is at your service on your wedding day and while you remain a guest.

Bride on the rooftop of Amarla posing for photos in one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Cartagena Colombia
Bride in downstairs courtyard of the Amarla Hotel for her wedding in Cartagena
Bride on her Cartagena wedding day posing on balcony of internal courtyard of Amarla Boutique Hotel


If you opt for a traditional Colombian wedding in Cartagena, Las Arras and a candle ceremony will surely be part of your special day. Colombian history is rooted in Catholicism, so many traditional Colombian weddings, even those not performed in a church, tribute and pay homage to Christianity. In a traditional Colombian wedding, the priest begins with Las Arras. This customary ceremony involves the priest blessing thirteen holy coins that symbolise the apostles of Jesus. Once the priest has blessed the coins, the groom exchanges them with the bride to demonstrate his commitment to beginning a new life with the bride.

Traditional Colombian marriages also include a candle ceremony. During this touching tradition, you and your partner light individual candles. Then you join your candles together to light a single candle, sometimes referred to as a unity candle in other places. The candle ceremony symbolises that you are joined in one body for the rest of your lives. Whether you opt for a traditional Colombian wedding or prefer incorporating other traditions in your ceremony, you can hold your nuptials in the hotel. You will find the enchanting courtyard or spectacular rooftop pool area are the most popular choices for happy couples to tie the knot. Beautiful foliage, reflecting water from the pool, and glowing lights create the ambiance you want for your wedding. You need not worry about a sudden rainstorm. We can move the festivities inside the hotel to ensure the weather does not ruin your wedding day.


At Amarla, we can also arrange a beach weddings for an additional cost for couples who dream of having their feet in the sand when saying “I do.” You can join hearts with the Caribbean breeze and return to Amarla to celebrate.

Once you’ve booked your wedding, your Cartagena wedding planner will discuss Colombia’s marriage regulations and the documents you need to secure before your big day. If you are not fluent in Spanish, you will likely need assistance completing the proper forms, and we are happy to help. Your personal wedding planner will also discuss the finer details of your Amarla wedding and reception so you can begin making necessary plans as soon as possible.

The Reception

When you invite others to Amarla to witness your special day, we want them to feel as welcome as you do in our space. Amarla is more than a wedding venue in Cartagena. It’s a cozy boutique hotel that exudes an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. We want you to feel at home at Amarla and extend the same feel to your guests. Your wedding package includes your choice of cocktails and classic welcome drinks.

When your guests arrive, they can enjoy welcome drinks to settle into the space while they anticipate your big event. They can mingle over cocktails, and guests from each side can make new acquaintances with those they haven’t met before. We also offer delicious canapés to accompany the welcome drinks. This allows your guests to enjoy some small bites before the ceremony and before dinner, in case they are hungry.

Table exquisitely set for the wedding dinner at Amarla Boutique Hotel, an integral part of their Cartagena Wedding packages.


Your Amarla wedding package includes a delectable three-course meal with tea, coffee, and handmade petits fours. Our chef sources fresh, local produce. Your personal wedding planner will help you create the perfect menu to celebrate with your friends and family. A late-night buffet is also included and designed in accordance with your preferences and tastes.


When you hold your wedding at Amarla, you don’t have to spend hours trying to pick out the right wine. We provide our guests with 30 bottles of our house wine to accompany your sit-down meal. Your wedding is also a time for speeches and toasts, wishing you and your partner a fabulous marriage and exciting new future. We provide 60 glasses of sparkling wine for speeches and toasts. Your boutique hotel wedding package also includes full bar facilities with bar and waiting staff for you and your guests.

Beautiful couple clinking glasses on the Amarla rooftop at a wedding in Cartagena Colombia
Two musicians, one with guitar, entertain guests at the Amarla, one of the coolest Cartagena wedding venues


Cartagena is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Holding your wedding and reception at a boutique hotel doesn’t mean you have to miss out. In fact, you can dance the night away at the disco, with the Amarla DJ playing until 2 a.m. If you really want to connect with the area’s culture, your personal wedding planner can help you find the perfect wedding band that plays your favourite style of music.


We invite you to make Amarla boutique hotel your home during your wedding. We can accommodate up to 14 persons in our seven gorgeous bedrooms. Each is uniquely styled with handmade pieces by local artisans and themed after Colombia’s iconic birds. Your wedding package includes special discounted rates. We can help you arrange suitable alternate accommodation for any additional guests who ma be attending.

Bride on balcony overlooking Amarla inner courtyard and gardens before Cartagena wedding ceremony
Black and white photo of stunning bride in low cut wedding dress, looking cool at dinner table at her Amarla wedding in Cartagena Colombia


Your wedding day is among the most important days of your life. You deserve to have your vision of the perfect Cartagena boutique hotel wedding come to life. We pride ourselves on professional excellence and exceptional service and want to help ignite the passion and magic for you and your guests. Wedding package prices at Amarla start from USD 6,000 for a minimum of 30 guests plus the full house rate of USD 2,500. We can host up to 65 guests for your reception. We offer rates of USD 128 per person for additional adult day guests and USD 25 per person for evening-only guests.

Additional Services

Amarla wedding packages include the most crucial aspects for your special day, but we understand some brides and grooms want or need extra services. We can arrange the following services for an extra cost or put you in contact with a recommended provider.


Cartagena is a world-class city with an abundance of shopping. If you haven’t purchased your wedding band before you arrive, we can recommend one or more reputable jewellers who offer exquisite gemstones, including Colombian emeralds and hand-crafted wedding jewellery. If you are coming from outside Colombia, purchasing your wedding jewellery in Cartagena provides an extra-special touch to memorialise your destination wedding.

Luxury Vehicles

If you are getting married in Cartagena and are planning a church or beach wedding, we can arrange for you and your guests to travel in style. We can also arrange transportation in luxury vehicles to transport you to and from the airport and be on call to drive you around the city. If you plan to leave your reception to embark on a honeymoon, your personal Cartagena wedding planner can arrange luxury transportation, as your guests send you off to begin your new future.

Wedding Photography

Your Cartagena wedding day memories last a lifetime when you have an excellent wedding photographer. The picturesque courtyard and rooftop pool area offer amazing backdrops for bride and groom photos, as well as wedding party photos. We can connect with you with one of several amazing wedding photographers to capture your ceremony, candid photos of your guests, and late-night fun on the dance floor. Additionally, if you wish, we can recommend a professional videographer.

Wedding Cake

After the bride and groom, your wedding cake will likely be the most photographed item at your wedding reception. Whether you want a traditional Colombian Torta Negra, a traditional wedding cake or any other flavour your heart desires, your personal wedding co-ordinator can arrange or connect you with one of the outstanding pastelerias in Cartagena. You can choose the look and taste of your wedding cake and ensure it’s picture-perfect.

Hair & Make-up

You want your hair perfectly styled for your special day and flawless makeup that showcases your natural beauty. We can provide hair and makeup professionals to help you get ready for pictures and your ceremony for an additional cost. We can also arrange for you to visit a nearby spa for couple’s treatments as part of your pre-wedding preparation or for relaxation during your honeymoon.


Getting married in Cartagena needn’t be a one day event. Your Cartagena wedding planner can help you create the ultimate Cartagena wedding itinerary, that spans several days leading up to your big event. This can include various activities and experiences designed for your guests to enjoy. This gives your guests the chance to really get to know each other before you tie the knot. Spend the day cruising the Caribbean on a yacht or take a speed boat to the nearby Rosario Islands, where you can enjoy sunbathing and water sports on the beach. Or let your guests explore the city of Cartagena. We are happy to arrange a tour or any other activities or experiences for you and your guests to enjoy.


Wedding dress hanging awaiting Cartagena bride's arrival, perfectly organised by the Amarla Cartagena wedding planner
Bride in her wedding dress relaxing on white sofa at Amarla Hotel Cartagena in Colombia
Bride revealing cool mandala tattoo in backless wedding dress, looking over her shoulder, at her Amarla Hotel Cartagena wedding

You can add excursions and authentic Colombian experiences to any wedding package.

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Wedding in Cartagena Colombia

Start your new life with your partner with a destination wedding in Cartagena Colombia at Amarla Boutique Hotel. The passion, vibrancy, and culture of Cartagena offer the idyllic setting for your dream wedding. Fill out the following form and provide us with the details for your perfect day: