Amarla Boutique hotel opened her doors officially for the first time today. The evening started with a blessing ­– a beautiful, peaceful and yet powerful gong bath. The gong is a musical instrument, a healing tool for the nervous system, and a cauldron in which you can create alchemical blends that open and develop the inner self. Carlos delivered the gong blessing which was intended to wish well on the house and all present. Sending love and gratitude into Cartagena and beyond.

Guests arrived to the jazz melodies of a sax player on the library balcony. His incredible music filled the air and attracted a crowd of photographers and well-wishers. The whole street was smiling.

Founders Robin Faulker and Asher Warr made emotive and inspiring welcome speeches. These two visionaries clearly wish for the very best for Amarla and Cartagena, and they included words from Colombia’s literary icon –

‘It was enough for me to take a step inside the wall, to see it in all its grandeur in the mauve light of six in the afternoon and I could not repress the feeling of having been reborn.’

 – Gabriel García Márquez

Bird symbol in red
Musician at Amarla Cartagena Hotel opening party
Presentation at Grand Opening Party of Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena
Bongo player at Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena Opening Party


A toast was made to the goodness and happiness to all before a dance performance by Colegio Del Cuerpo. Exquisite means ‘to have jewel-like characteristics’ and Colegio Del Cuerpos dance earns this description with its layers of deep sensuality coupled with intense sensitivity. The multi-faceted dance by two exceptional performers held our attention and fired our imaginations – all who watched were mesmerized.

Then followed an aerial silks performance. Twirling and swirling high in the botanical loveliness of Amarla with strength and grace, the aerial artist performed to the beautiful Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘To build a home’. This wove intention and sensitivity into the welcome.

Guests were invited to enjoy the house by exploring the rooms and relaxing in the library with champagne and canapés. The Amarla signature cocktail was served. Made with homegrown herbs from the rooftop, champagne, white rum, and a little Cartagena magic, they made for the perfect companion.

Then Colegio Del Cuerpos entranced the party with another performance – this time on the rooftop. This dark and mysterious dance under the careful watch of Venus and the night sky was full of beauty and meaning. All sat silently in awe of the grace and majesty of these incredible dancers.

Then to take it into the early hours, DJ Phoebe played out latin grooves and glorious sunset beats. Phoebe loves to play music and make others happy. Guests and staff danced together as one family under the stars with a long future of joy, happiness and love to look forward to.

Male and female dancer at opening ceremony at Amarla Boutique hotel in Colombia
Male dancer in black satin trousers lifts right leg vertically to his ear at Amarla Boutique Hotel