Yoga at Amarla

Your teachers are Carolina Díaz-Granger and Carlos Martinez. Carolina began studying yoga and meditation at the age of sixteen, and over the years, she has learned from many great teachers around the world. Carlos specializes in Ayurveda, a type of yoga he originally learnt and practiced in India. Both believe that yoga is a never-ending path of self-discovery.

Yoga is said to bring many physical and mental health benefits, including the reduction of stress and anxiety, the lowering of blood pressure, improving circulation, offering deep relaxation and pain relief, and stimulating the immune system.


Revitalize your body and mind with a class focusing on the art of breathing and restorative yoga poses, moving to the sound of relaxing music. The class begins with a short meditation, guided by breath and light stretches. As we become more in tune with our bodies, we will continue with Vinyasa Flow (movement with breath) as we strengthen our muscles and challenge our balance. The session finishes with a few precious minutes of reflexology and aromatherapy.

DURATION: 90 minutes


Enjoy a light yoga class focusing only on restorative poses and gentle stretching, moving to the sound of relaxing music. The class begins with Pranayama (the art of breathing) where you learn how to connect with your breath and discover new sensations with a revitalizing result. We will continue with stretches to relieve tension and stress. To finish, taking the final surrender pose or Shavasana, you will enjoy a few minutes of reflexology with aromatherapy.

DURATION: 75 minutes